TECH TIP 16. STUDIOCODE: the Coolest Video indexing tech I’ve ever seen

I attended a presentation of STUDIOCODE a Fresno State today and was very impressed. This could make the work of Ethnomethodologists much easier.


STUDIOCODE is an innovative technology that has revolutionized the way people all around the world look at video analysis and distribution. There is no longer a need to spend countless hours fast-forward and rewinding video tapes in order to pull out important bits of information.

Starting from the beginning you are able to Capture your video content at the click of a button. Experience the true power of the system and even Capture and Code live, during the event! Set up impressive Coding Templates that deliver you the information and results you desire – change your mind, no problem! Studiocode allows you to alter your coding frameworks as often as you like. Easily create Transcripts of video files that deliver meaningful Search and Analysis opportunities. Enjoy pulling together information at the touch of a button. Use Studiocode’s exciting Search feature to find information anywhere, anytime! Make valuable video assets available across the campus, community or even across the globe. To round it all off, seamlessly create stunning video presentations that not only deliver exactly what is required but look like a million dollars!

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