Nutcracker dress rehearsal

Just got back from the Nutcracker dress rehearsal. Although I received an unofficial minor in dance as an undergrad at UWM, I’ve never actually performed with a formal company before.It is only a bit part as one of the parents in the party scene, but it’s far more exciting than correcting exams and my six year old ballet dancing daughter is jealous since she was too young to audition for a role this year!On this the eve of my 43 birthday, I must say I’m tickled pink to be re-involved with ballet.


  1. As the alter ego of TheAnthroGeek, I must point out that technically speaking, “his” role in the Nutcracker is a “character part”, not a “ballet part” per se. Nonetheless, “he” does do a fine dance or two in the first brief moments of the show.

  2. Did you get stage fright? I hate stage fright. Before I give a persentation at school I tell A LOT of stupid jokes and imagine evryone is in there underware. It helps, believe m

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