Dial2Do-Gmail-Omnifocus Hack

Dial2dodial2do_logo_n1 is the killer app of 2009.  This is a bold claim in that it’s January 2009 but this app is really changing my workflow for the better. For example, this message is being recorded from my phone to illustrate the power of dial2do’s functionality.  I spoke that sentence into my jawbone ear piece which was good enough quality for the voice recognition in this app to transcribe it perfectly. I then sent that 30 second message to my Gmail account before pasting it into this article.


I loved Jott but Jott’s free version limits messages to 15 seconds and they have recently moved from human transcribers to machines which has increased annoying transcription errors.  Jott’s free version lacks much of the functionality of Dial2Do as well.

For example, in Dial2Do, I can speak “to do”s into my phone while driving and they end up in my productivity app on my computer when I get home.

How this hack works:

1. Call Dial2Do
2. Ask Dial2Do to send an email message to yourself (“me”)
3. Talk  up to 30 seconds worth of actions (i.e., to-dos)
4. (previously) Set up your Omnifocus account to accept Gmail messages from “me” via Dial2Do.
5. Once you open your computer, your actions (to-dos) will be in the Omnifocus inbox waiting to be processed.

The biggest game changer for me is that I can now “brain dump” verbally while on the road and all of that goes directly to Omnifocus.  Rather than writting on my hand or on sheets of papers (I often loose) or emialing myslef actions, Dial2Do has streamlined my productivity flow considerably.

And I’m not the only one who has figured out the Jott vs Dial2do issues.  Scotsman on a Horse just blogged about this as well a few hours ago.