Sugar-Free Irish Soda Bread

For the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day, I shared a secret recipe for Irish Soda Bread. This year, I’m sharing a new modification to this recipe, one that can be consumed by those who suffer from Fructose malabsorption, a digestive disorder that, though slimming, is a real challenge in a nation that adds sugar to everything. Although the pathophysiology of this digestive disorder is fascinating (see below), the lifestyle modifications it requires of those who are or live with those with this disorder is difficult.

Guest Vlogger Lilly Mullooly reports on this new recipe in the following:



Fructose Malabsorption



Fructose is absorbed in the small intestine without help of digestive enzymes. Even in healthy persons, however, only about 25–50 g of fructose per sitting can be properly absorbed. People with fructose malabsorption absorb less than 25 g per sitting.

Fructose that has not been adequately absorbed is fermented by intestinal bacteria producing hydrogencarbon dioxidemethane and short-chain fatty acids.This abnormal increase in hydrogen may be detectable with the hydrogen breath test.

The physiological consequences of fructose malabsorption include increased osmotic load, rapid bacterial fermentation, altered gastrointestinal motility, the formation of mucosal biofilm and altered profile of bacteria. These effects are additive with other short-chain poorly absorbed carbohydrates such as sorbitol.

Restricting dietary intake of free fructose and/or fructans may provide symptom relief in a high proportion of patients with functional gut disorders. (

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