“Faeces hint at first Americans”

Let me start my tirade by pointing out that I’ve got nothing against the BBC. When I lived in Mali then Egypt, the BBC was all I listened to. I currently record their nightly TV broadcast to keep up on the world news. But look at the wording they chose to publicize this very important Anthropological finding. To say the least, it was a rather “crappy” way to describe recent findings that suggest humans were in the New World a couple thousand years longer than Anthropologists had originally assumed.

This rather cheap shot reminds me of the fat kid in grade school – even the most dimwitted could find a way to poke fun at him.  Well, I won’t stand idly by and let this one pass, Anthropology deserves better!!

Defiantly Yours,

ex-fat kid

One comment

  1. Are you talking about the use of “faeces”? If that’s what you are talking about than I must point out that the U.S spelling is a variant of the one used by the BBC article.
    If you weren’t referring to that than never mind. 🙂

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