deep quotation of the EM sort

For us, ANT was simply another way at being faithful to the insight of
ethnomethodology: actors know what they do and we have to learn from
them not only what they do, but how and why they do it. It is us, the
social scientists, who lack the knowledge of what they do, and not they
who are missing the explanation of why they are unwittingly manipulated
by forces exterior to themselves and known to the social scientist’s
powerful gaze and methods. (Latour, p. 19)

Far from being a theory of the social or even worse an explanation of
what makes society exert pressure on actors, it always was, and this
from its inception, a crude method to learn from the actors without
imposing on them an /a priori/ definition of their world-building
capacities. (p. 20)

Latour, B. (1999). On Recalling ANT./ /In J. Law & J. Hassard (Eds.),
/Actor Network Theory and After/ (pp. 14-25). Malden, MA: Blackwell.

Thanks to Jason for the tip

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