St. Patrick’s Day in San Fransisco

This sensationalized account of TheAnthroGeek’s St. Patrick’s Day in San Fransisco and is photo-fictionalized.

…Although I do not remember much, I found these photos on my iphone. With them, I’ve stived to piece together TheAnthorGeek’s day in San Fransisco. Select “slide show” for full effect.

PS. In truth, there is a tech angle here: Tech Tip 38: I’m playing around with ways to tell a story (of something like a trip to San Fransisco for a holiday) via media other than words. I could not load a bunch of photos in this blog so I used the flikr titling of images as a cluncky means to tell that tail.

With the help of the very cool mapjack software, I’ve been able to map out some of my steps as well.
TheAnthroGeek started here and entered China Town here.

Seesmic is a way that one can use little video clips to tell a story as well. I think you have to sign up (for free) to see them but here are clips: before the trip , then during the trip (sorry for the low light) and after the trip

Although Facebook could do much of this, I don’t want to work with a closed platform like that anymore so here I am.

I saw something called StoryBlender at the TechCrunch40 site that also looks promising.

TECH TIP 30-Need a video camera? 

Thanks Uncle Leo,

He states, 

Sony has very good cameras… but it’s getting to the point where consumer cameras are getting very close to TV cameras.

For what your doing, you’ll want to go with the higher range Sony’s or Panasonic’s. You’ll get a good one for about $2000 or $3000.

Shooting HD is not the same as providing HD. It’s hard to give someone a DVD with High Definition video on it. It is however good to have the 1080p. The resolution is the same but your doing a smaller screen. You can deliver it on a DVD, and it will look good however you’ll want to look at you’ll find a variety of reviews on there.

The Canon HG10 has a 40gb hard drive in it, but it looks like a consumer camcorder. You may also want to look at A Red Rock adapter for your camera.