Mom, I am now a big league blogger on

Dear Followers of TheAnthroGeek.

Take note that I am blogging on the wildly popular blog I was recently deeply honored to have been invited to blog on, considered by most to be one of the top anthropology blogs in the universe.

Here is a link to my inaugural post:


My hope is to report on notable references to ethnography on a weekly basis.  This effort began with an project I attempted when I was the managing editor of the NAPA website.  I tagged that effort as “TWIAN” or  “This Week in Anthropology”. TWIAN focused on issues of anthropological practice that were of interest to the NAPA Anthro membership.  It never really took off and has been laying dorment for some time.  Anthropology may be too broad of a topic whereas Ethnography is just the right size!   So now I am starting TWIE or This Week in Ethnography.  If it generates interest (hint hint), I’ll continue doing it.

What is a true bit of kismet and a prescient confirmation of my decision to start focusing my efforts on is that one of my final TWIAN posts was sourcing as you can see at the following link.

TWAIN: Learning Foreign Languages (

Author: TheAnthroGeek

TheAnthroGeek has a phd in anthropology from Columbia University in NYC. But don't assume that means he knows anything!

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