Ipad Hackademics: Ipad Uses for Teachers

“Hackacademic” has a variety of meanings. In my current use of it here, I’m aiming for “hacks for the academic”.

I spend most of my professional time, teaching or preparing to teach.  I got an Ipad with the goal that I would strive to have it replace my laptop for in class teaching use. On that front, I have found a few “hacks” that fellow Ipad using teachers may find interesting.

To use an Ipad to present lectures you need to purchase:
1. Mobile keynote for $10.00 
2. Ipad VGA connector for about $30.00 
3. Perfect Browser, an itunes app for around $3.00.
Perfect Browser is a web browser like Safari with one important added feature: It allows you to project web sites onto the VGA projector.

-No Powerpoints, and no video clips unless they are embedded in the Keynote. 
-Safari web browsing is NOT allowed on the VGA projector (hence the need for Prefect Browser). 


  1. Re: no powerpoint presentations. If you have any kind of a workaround for using flash on the iPad (like Skyfire), then Prezi.com seems like it would work well with this kind of setup. I’ve been using Prezi in my class all semester (not with an iPad) and have really come to love it.

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