A Prime Year: My 100th post to TheAnthroGeek

Dear Subscribers,

This posting, on the date of 011009, marks the 100th posting to this blog.  I started this blog about a year ago in December 2008 https://theanthrogeek.com/2007/12/04/aaa-2007/ .

At that time, I made some important changes in my life:  I 1) got a Mac, 2) got an Iphone, 3) embraced GTD and Omnifocus and, 4) turned 43.

A year into all of these changes and I can say that they all have been good ones.  I’m more more design-conscious, much more productive and hopefully a bit wiser.  It was indeed a “prime” year for me chronologically (i.e., it was my 43rd year), personally (i.e., I moved into Fresno Cohousing) and professionally (i.e., going up for tenure and seeing the Institute of Public Anthropology finally take flight).  These last two achievements help to illustrate the deep and lasting bond I have forged with my new hometown of Fresno, CA.

This new commitment to Fresno will be illustrated by a shift in emphasis to a more local inspection and reflection upon the life of Fresno.  Rather than change the global focus of TheAnthroGeek, I am co-authoring a new blog with Henry Delcore named TheAnthroGuys.

TheAnthroGuys will focus on Fresno, CA and how the core competencies of ethnography can be practiced here.

In about a year, I look forward to reporting back to you about what TheAnthroGuys will have accomplished in 2009.

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