Archaeologists are in fact Anthropologists

Dear NPR,
Archaeologists are in fact Anthropologists

In a recent story about Stonehenge archeology, Andrea Seabrook stated that “archaeologists and anthropologists have theorized that Stonehenge has…”. It is too bad that NPR is not aware that archeology is in fact one of the sub-fields of Anthropology.

Aside for that blunder, it’s a good story @Archaeologists Seek New Clues at Stonehenge.

But like Catholics who claim they are “Catholic and not Christian”, Ms. Seabrook has become the unwitting dupe for those few archeologists who seem unwilling to refer to themselves as anthropologists.

-James Mullooly
An ethnographer who is proud to be considered an anthropologist as well!


  1. James,

    The including of archaeology as a sub-discipline in anthropology is really only a “western” thing. Many Europeans distinguish archaeology and anthropology as two different fields. Sounds crazy, I know…

    But, that being said, for you to say NPR’s journal Andrea Seabrook blundered on identifying the distinction is a bit flawed given the fact she was reporting on a European site, Stonehenge.


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